Bylaws (under revision)

By-laws of the Scandinavian Society for Surgfery of the Hand (SSSH)

§ 1.

  • Name

Scandinavian Society for Surgery of the Hand (SSSH)

§ 2.

  • Objects

The Objects for which the Society is established are to promote and direct the development of Hand Surgery in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

  • To promote scientific work in Hand Surgery and collaborate nationallyas well as internationally
    • To promote scientific work in Hand Surgery in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries
    • To promote the dissemination and diffusion of knowledge of Scandinavian and Baltic Hand surgery by a close co-operation between other scientific societies
    • To promote a web based share of knowledge and communication within the Hand surgical activity in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries
    • To promote Scandinavian and Baltic Hand surgical research, education, and supplementary training by financial support after recommendation by the Council.

§ 3.

  • Memebership

Ordinary members of the Scandinavian and Baltic societies for Hand Surgery are as well members of SSSH. Members from 65 years of age and Honorary Members shall pay no subscription. Such Members can continue their membership of SSSH irrespective of membership in one of the national Scandinavian and Baltic Hand Surgery societies.

§ 4

  • Honorary Membership 

Honorary Members shall be distinguished surgeons or persons of distinction whose merit is esteemed by the society. The Council proposes honorary membership. Two-thirds majorities make resolution at the General Meeting. Honorary members have only the right to vote if they fulfil the conditions of ordinary membership of SSSH.

§ 5

  • Council

The executive body of the Society shall be known as the Board. The Board representatives are appointed by the national societies and it shall consist of:

  • Representative from Norsk Handkirurgisk Selskab
  • Representative from Svensk Handkirurgisk Förening
  • Representative from Dansk Sekskab for Håndkirurgi
  • Representative from  Suomen Käsikirurgiyhdistys/Handkirurgförening i Finland
  • Representative from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian societies for surgery of the Hand
  • Representative appointed by that national Hand Surgical Society, from which the President is elected. This representative will serve as the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer.

Each Scandinavian national society appoints one member each to the SSSH board. The Baltic Countries: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will have at least one delegate to the board.

Section 2.

The Board shall appoint  the Webmaster of SSSH. The Webmaster shall take part in the work of the Board and have no voting right.

Section 3

The Presidency of the Society is by turn a representative from one of the Scandinavian Hand Surgery Societies or a representative from one of the Baltic Hand Surgery Societies.

The President shall hold office from one scientific meeting of the Society until the next (usually a period of two years). The Honorary Secretary/The Honorary Treasurer shall hold office for the same period.

Following any casual vacancy the national Hand Surgery Society shall elect a new member of the Board and the person so elected shal be entitled to hols office until the conclusion of the next succeeding Anual General Meeting of the Society.

The Board at its first meeting elects the Webmaster after a new constitution. The Webmaster can be re-elected for one more period only.

Section 4.

The board shall be competent to exercise all the authorities powers when the President and four (4) Council Members are present.

Section 5.

4 weeks  before Board meeting agenda shall be distributed.

Any Member of the Society who wishes to move a formal resolution shall give notice in writing to the President not less than 5 weeks before the date of a planned meeting. The Council decides at every meeting the date for the next meeting.

Section 6.

A Board Meeting called for the casting of a special resolution can be requested of one Member of the Council in writing and the calling in the Council shall take place immediately.

If a member of the Council may wish at least 3 weeks can pass before the meeting. The meeting must take place at least 6 weeks after the request.

§ 6

No payment is offered for the Board meetings. Travel expenses and other Board expenses can be paid according to decision in writing.

Section 2.

The Board can set a fare in compensation for Webmaster function  and for other special assigments of work from a member of the Board.

§ 7

General Assemblies

The General Assembly is the Authority of the Society.

There shall be a General Assembly at every scientific meeting of the Society (usually every second year). Announcement of place, day and hour together with the agenda shall be called by fourteen days notice in writing at the least.

The Board may call an Extraordinary General Assembly whenever it thinks fit and the Honorary Secretary shall also convene Extraordinary General Assembly within fourteen days from the receipt of a requisition signed by not less than one-third of the Members stating the purpose for which the Extraordinary General Assembly is to be convened

Section 2.

At any General Assembly of the Society a chairman is elected.

At any General Assembly a resolution put to the vote of the Meeting shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll is demanded. Only subjects from the agenda can be resolutions put to vote. The by-laws shall be altered only by vote of at least three-lourth of the Members of the Society present at the Assembly specially convened for the purpose.

Section 3.

At the General Assembly the agenda shall consist of at least:

1. Election of chairman by recommendation of the Board

2. Approval of agenda

3. Approval of the minutes of the last General Assembly

4. Report from the Board

5. Publication and approval of the accounts of the Society ascertained by Auditor

6. Publication and approval of the estimated budget of the forthcoming two years and approval of subscription

7. Proposals received

8. a.o.b.

§ 8


The General Assembly shall determine annual subscription every second year after the publication of the budget. The national  Hand Surgical Societies shall accept the annual subscription  and they shall pay directly to SSSH according to the number of Members at the time of the General Assembly of SSSH.

Section 2.

The executive body of the Board shall be the President and the Honorary Secretary/the Treasurer

Section 3.

The dinances of the Society shall be placed in one Scandinavian Bank.

Section 4.

The Society has limited finances, why the Board cannot put the Society under any obligation by signing agreement of purchase beyond the net capital of the Society

§ 9


The Society may at any time by a resolution passed in General Assembly  be wound up and dissolved from only one of the national Scandinavian Societies.

Section 2.

In that event the books and records of the Society shall be disposed of in accordance with the distribution of members specified at the last General Assembly.