Zoom meeting November 27 2020

Scandinavian Society for the Surgery of the Hand (SSSH) Board meeting

Date: Nov 27th 2020

Present: Dr. M. Boeckstys, Dr. M. Clementson (chairman), Dr. O. Reigstad, Dr. K. Kask, Dr. M.Pääkkönen (secretary)

  1. SSSH Meeting 2020 Malmö update

-Preliminary program and webpage was reviewed. Board members will promote the meeting and distribute the link to webpage

-Some worries regarding the Covid-19 epidemy

-Still hopefully that a live meeting can be arranged

-A webinar is the preferred option instead of postponement

2. General assembly

-society does not currently have a budget

-fee of national societies to SSSH is discussed. It is suggested that Scandinavian societies should pay fee membership fee 5 e / member for the SSSH

-possibility to sponsor residents

-best attending resident (1/country) may be granded free attendance for the conference

-national societies may consider sponsoring travel fees for residents

3. Banking update

-rules regarding financing were discussed

-transfer of bank account to Denmark or Estonia was discussed

-notarized passport copy from Kristo to Ole

4. The bylaws

-to be discussed in the Malmö meeting

-Michel, Kristo, Markus will work on the bylaws, separate Zoom meeting will be arranged

5. Other

-Göran Lundborg was suggested for honorary membership

6. Next board meeting

-preliminary date in April 16th in Malmö