Att: Martin Clementson, Ole Reigstadt, Markus Pääkkönen, Kristo Kask, Michel Boeckstyns

§1 Financial report from Ole

It now seems that we soon will have access to the account and will be able to start up with withdrawals as well as insertions.

Although we then have a working system for now, we have to prepare for a financial system that is more easily handled and that accepts changes in the constitution of the board. Ole will continue to investigate the possibilities for this within existing bank solution. Kristo will also look into the rules for international non-profit organizations to have an account in Estonia.

The Norwegian society has accepted an annual fee to SSSH of 5 EUR. Now all national societies have accepted this fee and we shall see if we can start to transfer money from the national societies to the SSSH account.

§2 Update conference in August

The meeting has been moved to the Hotel Scandic Triangeln due to the hospital closing down the internal conference venue. The fee for the meeting has been raised approximately 50 EUR. We need 190-200 paying participants to break even.

The Scandic Triangeln Venue is very good, with excellent lecture halls and facilities for exhibitors. There are rich areas for informal socialization.

§3 An Icelandic society for surgery of the hand has been formed, so far consisting of eight members. President is Sara Arnadottir. They will write a short presentation to be put up on our web-page. Our bylaws are revised to open up for an Icelandic membership.

§4 Future work for SSSH

Webmaster – Michel shall investigate the possibility to rent a service for upholding and updating the webpage.

Newsletter – Markus volunteer to sketch up a routine for a newsletter to be distributed via the national societies. Good if we can have a short one out already in May.

Resident courses – Kristo volunteer to try to compile information from the national societies supervising hand surgery residents. What national educations are there? Can they be made available for other Scandinavians? What can be done together?

What to do:

  • Check with your national societies about transferring member fee to SSSH
  • Give contact info to Kristo regarding national resident education.
  • Give ideas to Markus about what to put in a newsletter.

Next meeting

  • Investigate the possibility to meet at IFSSH in London in June