Agenda SSSH web-meeting December 6,                     

Attending:   Michel Boeckstyns – Denmark, Ole Reigstad – Norge, 

Martin Clementson – Sweden

§ Assigning meeting secretary. Do all boardmembers have to sign a protocol, or is it acceptable with one secretary and one co-signer?

Since we are only three attending, the meeting is informal. Martin function as chairman and secretary. We will have to make sure that we have correct contact information to all board members. 

§ Comments on last protocol from August 21

No comments. 

§ Bylaws – Please read through the bylaws with comments from Michel. Also see my comments in mail sent 24/9. Changes in bylaws have to go through a general assembly. Suggest that we discuss this further when we meet in Basel and present a new writing for the assembly in Malmö.

We go through the alterations suggested by Michel. These will be further discussed via mail. We aim at having a revised writing to discuss at upcoming boardmeeting in Basel. The changes than have to be accepted by the general assembly in Malmö. 

§ Webpage SSSH

Michel has made a very nice webpage. 

What more information do we want to include? 

How do we promote it?

How do we sustain/finance it?

We congratulate and thank Michel for the webpage.

For now, Michel offers to sustain the page without compensation.

Information to be put on the website can be mailed directly to him. 

We shall promote the page in our respective national societies and make sure that there are easy accessible links and information about SSSH. 

§ Economy – update from Ole on the whereabouts of the account.

What shall we use the money for?

What is the opinion in the national societies on a member fee. 

There is still some difficulties in how to access the money. Ole and Jan-Ragnar are working on it. We need to get a routine working where we can easily transfer the right to handle the account to new treasurers.

We have approximately 6000€ in the account. 

The Swedish society has agreed on an annual fee up to 100 SEK (≈10 €). Ole thinks this can be a bit too much for the Norwegian society. Denmark has accepted a fee of 5€. We agree that the fee shall be the same in all countries. The amount will eventually have to be settled on the general assembly. Also a contribution to the society with 20% of possible surplus from future conferences is mentioned. 

The money shall be used for supporting courses, either by direct support to the organizers or as grants to the attendees. In earlier years there has existed a scholarship for 1000€ for clinical visits within the societies countries.

Grants and course support demands an organization within the board to handle this with routine. It takes a bit of work.

§ Conference 2021 Malmö – update from Martin.

Still looking for the Moberg plaquettes. If we don’t find them, shall we by new?

Prices for “best presentation” and “best poster” – free registration on next meeting like in Tallinn seems like a good idea.

The work with the malmö meeting is coming on fine. Dates are August 25-27 2021. Homepage is under construction at:

Moberg lecturer will be Steven Hovius. Also Joy MacDermid has preliminary accepted to participate on a larger session on “outcome measurement”.

The Moberg plaquettes are not to be found. We decide to make nice diplomas from SSSH instead. These will be on the SSSH budget. 

§ Other questions?


§ Next meeting – Suggesting: June 4, on FESSH in Basel.

We agree on a board meeting in June at the FESSH convention. Hopefully we can get some help from the organizers to reserve a meeting room for two hours. If needed we will take money from our account. We will have to agree on the most suitable time for this. On June 3, before welcome reception. On June 4, lunchtime, or after sessions closed. When decided, Michel or Martin will contact FESSH organizers. 

Before that we need another Skype-meeting in Mars. Date will be decided via mail. 

                                                                 / Martin Clementson